Quality Products & Services

The pandemic has brought a handful of challenges to businesses in the food industry. With the threats of the pandemic to public health, Peotraco Food Inc. made sure to maintain its high standards in its products – staying committed in providing quality baking ingredients to the Philippine market. Peotraco required training for quality awareness, heightened sanitation procedures and facility improvement; showing meticulous care and importance for food safety.

Peotraco Confectioners’ Sugar, the original powdered sugar, sold in its iconic green box and in 5 pounder plastic packaging is the main product line of the company. Peotraco developed Premium Powdered Sugar and Baker’s Mate Powdered Sugar; made to have the finest particle size to suit the needs of customers. Baking ingredients such as cocoa powder, stevia, syrups and the like have been developed to serve the consuming public. Customer satisfaction has always been the central focus of Peotraco. 

Peotraco Food Inc. received their first International Organization of Standard (ISO) certification back in 2000 To date, numerous Peotraco products are HALAL certified. Last 2021, Peotraco’s Food Safety Management System (FSMS) passed the audit and was awarded the ISO 9001:2015 certification. Moreover, Peotraco attained their Food Safety System Certification (FSSC) 22000 Version 5.0 – this accomplishment is a material demonstration of how the years of honest hard work, discipline, and prude management have come to fruition.