Cake My Day

A teaspoon of passion, a cup of dedication, mixed with all the quality ingredients to come up with stable layers of cake goodness. Sprinkled with every baker’s own unique style and techniques, cakes are made for every moment that we celebrate life with our loved ones. Cake My Day officially started back in 2017 inspired by the late Mrs. Mary Kaw+. Cake My Day is an avenue that allows homegrown talent to develop and showcase their skills. The contest provides an outlet for creating release; showing the potential of Filipino cake artists and the beauty of cake decorating. With the pandemic challenges, Cake My Day brings a message of hope and joy during these trying times.

Last year 2021, Cake My Day was held as a virtual cake decorating contest from May to August 2021 with each month having its own corresponding theme. The month of May was dedicated to the blessed Mother Mary with the theme: Flores de Mayo. Fondant cakes were covered in blooming sugar flowers and crowning Mother Mary toppers. Each artist has added their personal style backed by the inspiration for their cake entry. (From L to R – Gold: Jerilee Rogando, Silver: Arielle Atienza-Mauricio, Bronze: Azela Eding, Peotraco’s Choice: Sel Padua, and People’s Choice: Kevin Visperas)

June Wedding, a celebration of love and marriage, was the theme of the month. Showcasing various piping skills and color schemes, June Wedding cake designs were enchanting, whimsical, and timeless. Participants were playful with the theme showing how wedding setting can vary from garden, vintage, rustic, traditional, or modern. Appreciating each cake design closely, it can truly be said that unconditional and pure love triumphs all. (From L to R – Gold: Glaiza Bucong, Silver: Jewel Lumboy, Bronze: Achilles Capuso, Peotraco’s Choice: Jeremias Torral, and People’s Choice: Ver Argel Munar)

July is recognized as Nutrition Month. The theme of the month centered on nutrition highlighting health, wellness, and the Tagalog folk song – “Bahay kubo”. The participants were so creative in making sugar art depicting life. Minature vegetables, farms, and huts were made showing the simple and abundant natural life on the country side. Moreover, much Filipino pride in the noble livelihood of farming and the rice terraces were notable elements. (From L to R – Gold: Jessica Gayados, Silver: Cesar Cadiz Jr., Bronze: Oscar Salazar III, Peotraco’s Choice: Roberto Nerza Jr., and People’s Choice: Michaela Celerio)

The theme of August centered on festivals or “fiesta”. The Philippines has a rich history about the festivals eminent in present day. Fiestas show Filipino identity, culture, and religion. From the entries, the artists showcased Panadayaw balamban festival, Kadyawan festival, Higantes festival, and many more festivals celebrated in different regions of the Philippines. (From L to R – Gold: Juhn Lascano, Silver: Marianne Rutagines, Bronze: Geizelle Roa, People’s Choice: Seigfrey Abad, Peotraco’s Choices: Eda Tady, Jenny Mae Pasible, and Rose Ann Milanes)


All cakes made by the participants are proudly made using Peotraco Confectioners’ Sugar, Peotraco Food Color Gel, Gummix, Glycerine, and various Peotraco products.  Stay tuned for this year’s Cake My Day event! Like and follow our social media accounts to know more about Peotraco products and events.