Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between Powdered Sugar and Premium Powdered Sugar?

Premium Powdered Sugar is finer than the Powdered Sugar. It is ideal for fondant and gumpaste. Baker’s Mate powdered sugar is for sugar flowers.

Q: What is the difference between Caster Sugar and Refined Sugar?

Caster sugar has a standard particle size which is finer than refined sugar

Q: How to use Sufree Stevia Sweetener for baking

Replace 1 sachet (1 gram) of Sufree Stevia Sweetener, for 2 tsp of refined sugar. Sufree Stevia Sweetener is very sweet as we use “pure” stevia in our formulation. Use 1 sachet equivalent to 1 gram to take the place of 2 tsp. of refined sugar. Adjust to your personal preference. Some people use half sachet for their cup of coffee. Please find below our table of sweetness equivalent.

Q: Is your 5 pounder powdered sugar made from pure cane sugar?

Peotraco powdered sugar is made from natural ingredients. It has a little cornstarch for icing and dusting.

Q: What is stevia?

Stevia is a plant sweetener and sugar substitute extracted from the leaves of the plant species Stevia Rebaudiana Bertoni. Stevia is a plant used for thousands of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is natural and safe for use.

Q: What is the difference between Sufree Stevia and Sugarlyte Stevia Sugar Blend?

Sufree has 0 calorie consist a stevia powder and Dextrose powder. Sugarlyte has refined sugar and stevia powder which is more ideal for baking. It has ½ calorie of refined sugar. On the other hand, Sugarlyte Stevia Sugar blend has the preservative effect and the characteristics of sugar yet with only half; you get a product that is lower in glycerine index and healthier for the average person.

Q: Is Sufree Stevia Sweetener safe for diabetics to use?

Yes, the consumers for Stevia sweetener as sugar substitute for health conscious. Sufree Stevia has 0 calorie and 0 in the glycerine index.

Q: Is Sufree Stevia Sweetener suitable for vegetarians and vegan?

Yes, because it’s made from natural extract of Stevia plant and maltodextrin which is derived from corn.

Q: Has the FDA approved stevia?

Yes. The FDA has approved highly purified form of stevia which is what we use in our Sufree Stevia Sweetener.

Q: How Gummix can improve the fondant?

The Gummix can improve the pliability of the fondant so that it can roll out smoothly.

Q: How to use Food Color Gel properly in baking and cooking?

By adding a couple of drops of food color on a small batch of icing or fondant or gumpaste then mixing it evenly before adding into the mixture until desired color is achieved.

Q: What is Honey Brown?

A uniform, semi-fine powdered brown sugar with distinctive cane flavor & aroma designed especially for baking. It adds color & enhances the product.

Q: Where can I use Honey Brown?

As sweetening agent, candy coating, cake premixes, beverages.