Paskong Peotraco

Christmas is a time of love, celebration, and reflection.

Paskong Peotraco was the Christmas special held last October to December 2021. The campaign focuses on providing versatile recipes for the nearing special occasion. Recipes were made especially for gift giving, pasalubong, gatherings, and businesses. In partnership with Pastry Alliance of the Philippines (PAP) chefs, a five- week series of episodes consisting of baking demos was made possible.

Paskong Peotraco started off last November 5 with Chef Jackie Ang Po and a sweet classic treat, Citrus Crinkles. The recipe featured Peotraco Confectioners’ Sugar, Caster Sugar, and Food Color Gel. Citrus Crinkles hits the right spot of sweetness that people enjoy.

The second episode with Chef Buddy Trinidad was released last November 19. Chef Buddy’s recipe demo was all about his special Chocolate Alfajores with Dulce De Leche filling featuring Sugarlyte Stevia Blend and Baker’s Mate Cocoa. Chocolate Alfajores was a delicious cookie that had a surprise flavor on the first bite.

Chef Chris Balane made a demo on his Sopapilla Cheesecake last November 29. The featured product on his recipe was Peotraco Confectioners’ Sugar. Sopapilla Cheesecake can easily be prepared in time for Noche Buena.

Chef Julius Conde was also part of Paskong Peotraco. His Nougat recipe featuring Peotraco Glucose was posted last December 3. Nougat is a candy made with nuts and sugar that is packaged individually and placed in stand up pouches to be sold a treat.

On the final episode of Paskong Peotraco posted last December 10, Chef Heinz Pelayo had a demo on his Rocky Road Mousse Cake recipe made exclusively for Peotraco. He used various Peotraco products such as Honey Browns Soft Brown Sugar, Baker’s Mate Cocoa Powder, Glucose, Baker’s Mate Instant Whipping Cream Powder, and Peotraco Premium Confectioners’ Powdered Sugar. Packaging for this cake was in a tin can; presenting it nicely with a ribbon.

The videos and recipes were uploaded on Peotraco Food Inc.’s official Facebook page. Encouraging everyone to spread the joy of the season and sweeten the holidays with Peotraco.