Cake My Day – Happily Ever After (Manila)



  1. The theme for Cake My Day 2022 June is “Happily Ever After”.
  2. Give a title/name to your cake (maximum of 5 words) based on the theme. Submit a short
    description of your cake (maximum of 200 words).
  3. ALL ENTRIES must reflect the theme of the contest. Finalists can only submit one cake for judging that will be brought to the venue – World Trade Center, Pasay City,  Metro Manila.
  4. All cake entries MUST follow the size requirements below:

 Width: 10 inch diameter (round or square)        Height: Minimum: 15 inches. Maximum: 18 inches

Cake Board: Maximum of 12 inch width only    Tier: Maximum of 2 tiers / layers

Height requirement is from the top (cake toppers/designs etch) to bottom (including cake board and stand)

  1. All cake entities must submit photo and video documentation. Guidelines will be further discussed in the event briefing. 


1.Use Peotraco Products – including but not limited to the following:
       a. Peotraco Powdered Sugar (Original, Premium, or Baker’s Mate – indicate which type was used)
       b. Peotraco Gummix Fondant Improver
       c. Peotraco Food Color Gels
       d. Peotraco Glucose Syrup
       e. Peotraco Glycerine
2. Styrofoam dummies are allowed as long as they are covered by fondant.
3. Use only Fondant, Gum paste and Royal Icing for cake decorating.
4. The cake board should be covered with fondant.
5. Cake decorations, except for columns, supports, wires and stamens, must be 100% edible.
6. Use of ribbon or other non-edible substances may cause the entry to be disqualified.
7. Do not include styrofoam topper, non-edible and ready-made figurines, printed 3D mediums both
edible and non-edible.
8. Cakes can be stacked or tiered. Multiple tier cakes are encouraged but not necessary.
Be conscious of the width and height requirements.
9. Shaped or carved cakes, 2-D, or 3-D cakes and sculptures are allowed.
10.Any sugar art or technique may be used.
11.The entry must be the original work of the listed participants. Taking inspiration from others’
work and techniques is acceptable, but copying others’ designs is not allowed.


Step 1 – Fill-up the online application form.

The registration form requests for personal information, business information, and the uploading of THREE (3) high quality images of previous cake creations. Preferably covered with fondant, gum paste, or royal icing. Take note that the cake photo to be submitted is DIFFERENT from the FINAL CAKE ENTRY.

  • Entries will be judged based on your submitted images. Make sure that the submitted photos display is made by the applicant and the details of your cake are clear.
  • To give opportunity to more people, previous participants from Cake My Day for the last four (4) years (2017-2021) will be declined.

Applications are open from MAY 26, 2022 TO JUNE 1, 2022 (11:59PM)

Who is qualified to join?

Anyone who is an aspiring cake artist; be it a professional, student, or home baker.

Who is disqualified to join?

Partner distributors and their employees, judges and their affiliates, Peotraco employees,
agents, officers, directors, and their relatives, are not eligible to join this competition for
transparency purposes.
– Participants whose designs are not original (copied or used someone else’s design).
– Participants who failed to submit complete requirements.

Step 2

Wait for Peotraco Food Inc. to announce the names of the selected participants in the Official Facebook page on JUNE 3, 2022. Keep your lines open as you will be contacted by our coordinators.

Step 3

Attend the participants briefing on JUNE 4, 2022 and submit the requirements by JUNE 6,  2022. Guidelines, forms, and links will be shared via email and Facebook.


Phase 1 – Final Registration

Finalists must prepare the following requirements for the registration procedure:

  • Scanned copy of Philippine issued government valid I
  •  Baking Business Logo (optional)
  •  Business Card/Flyers (optional)
  •  Receipts of 3 Peotraco product items:
      1. Baker’s Mate Cocoa Powder (1 kg)
      2. Premium Powdered Sugar (5 lbs)
      3. Assorted Food Color Gel (6 pcs. of 25g)

Receipt must be dated starting MAY 25, 2022. Save a picture of the receipt for qualification and documentation purposes.

  • Waiver Form with complete details and signature.
  •  Link for final requirements will be provided.

Submit finalists form by JUNE 6, 2022.

Phase 2 – Progress Report

Submit your PROGRESS REPORT by messaging us on our Facebook account at with your CAKE ENTRY development.
Send at least 4 photos and a 30-1 minute second video clip for us to monitor your work.

Include the size/dimensions of your planned cake design as well as the title of your cake entry. Submit it on or before JUNE 9, 2022 (11:59PM).


Phase 3 – Final Entry Submission

Prepare the following requirements for final entry – JUNE 13, 2022 (3PM)

  • Best picture of your cake entry on ALL SIDES with a meter stick
  • Best picture of you beside your cake entry
  • Best picture of the cake with PEOTRACO PRODUCTS used
  • Best solo picture of your Cake Entry (will be used for online voting post)
  • Cake name with short description
  • Details of the cake with specific Peotraco products used for the details

Email the pictures and details on JUNE 13, 2022 (3PM) to


Email body to include the short description.


Submit your Official Cake Entry on JUNE 14 (1-4PM) at World Trade Center, Pasay City, Metro Manila in MAFBEX 2022.

Phase 4 – Online Voting

For People’s Choice Award, your final cake entry photo will be posted at Peotraco Food Inc.’s Official
Facebook Page from June 15, 2022 (10AM) to June 18, 2022 (7PM).

Phase 5 - Judging and Announcement of Winners

Announcement of winners will be on June 19, 2022 (after the Cake My Day demo).


  • Judging will be completed by a team of qualified judges selected by the Peotraco Management.

       Entries will be judged by the following criteria:

  • 20% – Overall Presentation
  • 15% – Technique of Difficulties
  • 25% – Use of PEOTRACO PRODUCTS
  • 15% –Application of the theme “Happily Ever After”
  • 15% – Creativity and Originality
  • 5% – Structure and Support
  • 5% – Neatness


With the help of the Judges, Peotraco Food Inc. represented by its General Manager, Ms. Abigail See, will choose and discuss the scores of each participant and determine the winner for Peotraco’s Choice Award.


The winner in this category will be the contestant with the highest amount of Facebook likes on their
cake photo posted at Peotraco’s Official Facebook page from June 15, 2022 (10AM) to June 18, 2022 (7PM).

Boosting or sponsored posts are both prohibited in the online voting portion. Any participant found to have a boosted post will be on the grounds for disqualification for the said award.


The judges’ decisions will be final and incontestable. Contestants will all be judged with the same
criteria. Judging will be conducted in a consensus style. Entries are only judged according to the criteria listed above.


  • Gold– P10,000 with Trophy, Medal & Certificate of Recognition
  • Silver– P8,000 with Medal & Certificate of Recognition
  • Bronze– P6,000 with Medal & Certificate of Recognition
  • Peotraco’s Choice Award– P5,000 with Certificate of Recognition
  • People’s Choice Award– P3,000 with Certificate of Recognition


All participants will be invited to attend a live demo, Business Promotion on Facebook, Certificate of Participation, Peotraco merchandise, and a Voucher worth P2, 000 to be redeemed at participating partner distributor stores nationwide.