Cake My Day – Nutrition Month (Bahay Kubo)

The month of July is Nutrition Month that advocates balanced and healthy meals for every individual.

Cake My Day July cake designs should be in line with the Nutrition Month (Bahay Kubo). It should highlight nutritious foods, especially those vegetables mentioned in the song Bahay Kubo.





  1. The theme for Cake My Day for the month of JULY is “Nutrition Month: Bahay Kubo”.
  2. Give your CAKE entry a NAME based on the given theme, maximum of 5 words.
  3. ALL ENTRIES must be in line with the THEME for the month of June. Participants can only submit ONE cake for judging.
  4. ALL CAKE should only be within the SIZE REQUIREMENT.


Height requirement is from TOP to BOTTOM (Including the cake board, stand, cake toppers, etc. in the measurement)


  1. Use any PEOTRACO PRODUCT. Save the receipt for qualification and documentation purposes of Peotraco.
  2. Styrofoam dummies are ALLOWED.
  3. Use ONLY Fondant, Gum Paste, and Royal Icing for cake decoration.
  4. The cake board should be COVERED with Fondant.
  5. NON-EDIBLE decorations such as RIBBONS, PRINTED DESIGN / TOPPERS, GLITTERS, MATERIAL MADE OF PLASTIC, ACRYLICS, PAPERS, etc. are NOT ALLOWED. Entries that violate this rule may be disqualified.
  6. Cakes can be stacked or tiered. Multiple tiers are encouraged, but not necessary. Be conscious of the height requirement.
  7. Shaped or carved cakes, 2-D cakes, 3-D cakes, and sculptures are allowed.
  8. Any sugar media or technique may be used.
  9. DO NOT include Styrofoam, Figurines, and 3D Printed Mediums.
  10. The entry must be the actual original work of the person or people listed on the Requirements Forms.


Step 1 – Register

– Fill the application with the needed information

– Upload 1 to 3 images of your previous cake creation. Preferably covered with Fondant, Gum Paste, or Royal Icing.

Application link:

Please take note that the cake photo to be submitted as registration entry is DIFFERENT from the FINAL CAKE ENTRY.

Submission of application is from JUNE 25, 2021 to JULY 2, 2021 (3PM).

Step 2 – Screening Process

Wait for PEOTRACO to announce the names of the Thirty (30) Finalists in Peotraco’s Official Facebook Page on JULY 6, 2021 (5PM).

Who are qualified to join?

Anyone who is an aspiring cake artist; be it a professional, student, or home baker.

Who are disqualified to join?

  • Participants whose designs are not original (copied and stole someone else’s design).
  • Participants who failed to submit complete requirements.
  • Participants who will join in July cannot join in August.


Step 1 – Final Registration

The thirty (30) participants should fill-up and submit the given requirements to become a finalist

  1. 2×2 solo pictures in white background.
  2. Baking business logo (if any)
  3. Business card / flyers (if any)
  4. Original receipt or proof of purchase: Baker’s Mate Cocoa Powder 1kg and Premium Powdered Sugar 5lbs.
  5. Fill-up and upload the Waiver Form to be provided

Waiver: [To be sent by Peotraco Team]

Step 2 – Progress Report

– Submit your PROGRESS REPORT by messaging us on our Facebook with your CAKE ENTRY development.

Official Facebook Account: []

– Send at least 2 to 4 photos and a 30 second video clip for us to monitor your work.

– Submit it on or before JULY 14, 2021.

Step 3 – Final Entry Submission

Prepare the following requirements for the final submission:

  • Best picture of your cake entry on ALL SIDES with a meter stick
  • Best picture of you beside your cake entry
  • Best picture of the cake with PEOTRACO PRODUCTS used
  • Best solo picture of your Cake Entry (will be used for online voting post)
  • Cake name with short description

Submit your FINAL ENTRY on or before JULY 20, 2021 (3PM)

Final Entry Submission Format:

Final entry will be sent via email at and following the given format:



  • Email body:

           Please write a short description about your cake, what was the inspiration of your design, or how you came up with it.

Step 4 – Online Voting

– Online voting is for People’s Choice Award, your final cake entry photo will posted at Peotraco Food Inc.’s Official Facebook Page from JULY 21 (3PM) to JULY 23, 2021 (3PM).

– Using “auto likes” or “paid likers” is prohibited.

Official Facebook Account: []



  • Judging will be completed by a team of qualified judges selected by the Peotraco Management.

Entries will be judged by the following criteria:

  • 25% – Overall Presentation
  • 25% – Difficulty [Level of difficulty of the techniques used in designing the cake.]
  • 20% – Use of PEOTRACO PRODUCTS  [How many Peotraco products did they used and and how they used it.]
  • 15% – Techniques Used [Number of techniques they did in designing the cake.]
  • 10% – Application of the theme “Nutrition Month: Bahay Kubo”
  • 5% – Originality


Entries will be evaluated by a team of qualified judges, including officials of Peotraco Food Inc.


The winner in this category will be the contestant with the highest amount of Facebook likes on their cake photo posted at Peotraco’s Official Facebook page from JULY 21 (3PM) to JULY 23, 2021 (3PM).

Facebook Likes / Reactions for the People’s Choice Award voting from dummy accounts and paid automatic likers are strictly PROHIBITED and become subject to contest disqualification.


  • Judging of cake will be live via Zoom on JULY 24, 2021, from 9 AM to 4 PM.
  • Judging will be done per batch. Schedule to be released in the Official Cake My Day July Event Group.
  • Group zoom photo with the judges at the end of the event so please stand by at 3:50PM.
  • Announcement of winners will be on July 28, 2021 at 3pm.
  • The judges’ decisions will be final and incontestable. All entries will be judged against the same criteria. Judging will be conducted in consensus style.


  • Gold– P10,000 with Medal, Trophy & Certificate of Recognition
  • Silver– P8,000 with Medal & Certificate of Recognition
  • Bronze– P6,000 with Medal & Certificate of Recognition
  • Peotraco’s Choice Award– P6,000 with Certificate of Recognition
  • People’s Choice Award– P6,000 with Certificate of Recognition

All participants will receive a free Private Online Demo, Business Promotion on Facebook, Certificate of Participation, Cake My Day 2021 Shirt, and Vouchers worth P2,000.