Your Partner for All Desserts - Baker’s Mate

 What is your favorite dessert? Be it cookies, cakes, or pies — we love it all. Desserts complete the meal; giving us a sweet ending and satisfying our cravings. At this time and age, the kinds of desserts made we know have expanded and have become highly innovative. Baking desserts can be therapeutic and it can definitely be done at home. Baking can be a hobby, a side-hustle, or a job. Happiness is when we bake with love and Peotraco is here to make to help you make the best desserts with quality ingredients.

Peotraco’s Baker’s Mate Line is your perfect buddy when it comes to baking. For anything chocolate, choose Baker’s Mate Cocoa Powder. This medium reddish-brown type of cocoa powder is Dutch-processed to bring out the rich, fudgier flavor of the chocolate treats you are making. Start by blending a good amount of this cocoa powder with butter along with milk and water. Once hydrated, it will turn the whole batch of batter to medium brown and it will become deeply fragrant.

Baker’s Mate Powdered Sugar is the finest powdered sugar in the Philippine market. This type of powdered sugar is best used to make fondant, gumpaste, and sugar art – such a sugar flowers and figurines.

Baker’s Mate Whipping Cream Powder is the instant finish to your desserts that make it look appealing and appetizing. The baking process become easier and hassle-free because all you need to do is just add cold water and mix the powder in high speed with electric mixer and there you have it, instant whipped cream! Baker’s Mate Whipping Cream can also be used for fillings, ice cream making, and dessert topping.

We hope that these simple but wonderful Peotraco ingredients will level up your needs when it comes to baking. Let’s fill the sweetness in each other’s life like desserts do!pie